Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

At Derby Dental, oral cancer screenings are conducted at every checkup appointment by Austin dentist, Dr. Whitehouse.

What are the benefits of oral cancer screening?

We insist on an oral cancer screening at every checkup, not only to be thorough, but to also early-detect mouth cancer or any other precancerous lesions.

If you are at an increased risk (see below) of getting oral cancer, then getting those regular screenings becomes even more important! Generally, there are very few detectable signs of oral cancer in the initial stages. When the physical symptoms of oral cancer appear, it indicates that the cancer has already progressed to a serious stage which may not be fully treatable. However, regular and thorough oral cancer screenings can help in identifying the visual signs. The survival rate is much higher when cancer is detected and treated early!

Dr. Whitehouse’s list of risk factors which contribute to the development of oral cancer:

  • Aged 40 or older

  • Regular tobacco use

  • Heavy alcohol consumption

  • Sun exposure (can cause lip cancer)

  • HPV

  • Men are at higher risk than women

**And it’s very important to note: It is possible for oral cancer to develop even without these risk factors.


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